Exterior Painting

Steps we take for Exterior Painting

No matter how perfect your lawn and landscaping are or how colorful and well tended your garden is, if the paint on your home or fence is starting to peel or the colors are fading, the look of your entire property will suffer.

  1. All surfaces to be painted will be thoroughly pressure-washed and cleaned.
  2. All areas around the home, including shrubs, landscaping, etc. will be protected from start to finish by drop cloths or poly plastic.
  3. Loose paint will be scraped. Smoothing may be necessary for maintenance or cosmetic consideration. Primer will be applied to all bare wood and metal to assure proper adhesions of new paint.
  4. Loose caulking will be removed and replaced. Open gaps will be filled with new caulking to prevent rain water from penetrating below the surface.
  5. Only quality materials will be used. Contractors will be proficient in both spraying and brushing applications, depending upon project needs.
  6. Touch-up paint will be labeled and left for your future convenience.