Remodeling Services


Ceramic tiling brings a sense of permanence and classical dignity to bathroom and kitchen interiors. Carefully chosen tiles make what would otherwise be just another wall into a gorgeous surface that contributes to the overall beauty of your home.


  1. We ensure the floor is perfectly smooth before laying the tile.
  2. We remove the baseboard shoe and all traces of the previous floor covering.
  3. We lay out the tile design.
  4. We lay the tile.
  5. We apply the grout.
  6. We then wipe away and clean any excess.


Replacing walls is an essential part of the structural upkeep of your home, and it also allows you to experiment with varying textures in order to achieve precisely the kind of impression you want your home to make.


  1. We check the stud alignment and replace any warped studs.
  2. We check for obstructions.
  3. We measure the exposed area to find the dimensions for the wallboard panels.
  4. We fasten drywall boards.
  5. We apply joint compound over the joints and tape.
  6. We then apply, sand, and set two more coats of compound.
  7. We then clean any excess.


Many people think of remodeling as strictly limited to interiors and exteriors of the house itself. However, the extra beauty and function of a freestanding or attached deck or a lovely privacy fence can make all the difference in the enjoyment of your home.

Trim Work

If your house needs a splash to bring zest back into its appearance, a little light trim work might be exactly what the house doctor ordered. The accent this adds can bring subtlety to your home’s character.


Sometimes you simply start to outgrow what was once your dream house. When that’s the case it may be time to consider adding space and redefining the dimensions of your home through a well-planned addition, breathing new life into that old favorite.