Our Testimonials Speak for Themselves

“Thank You Lighthouse Painting”

I like to encourage creativity in our children. When my son asked if he could redecorate his bedroom with his favorite sports team memorabilia I was eager for him to express his individualism. He was so enthusiastic about the project that it gave me an idea for his birthday. How cool would it be if the redecorating went further than just pennants and posters? What if the walls were covered in an entire mural? Of course, I’m not an artist myself, and the idea of painting realistic figures on drywall was enough to make me wonder if I hadn’t gone off my rocker. I called Lighthouse Painting and Remodeling, not sure if they could really do this sort of thing. Not only could they do it, I found out, they came out to the house and made suggestions on colors and scenes that would work better than what I had previously imagined. When my son came back from a long weekend with his grandparents, boy was he surprised. I’ve never seen him so happy.
-Edward H.

“Best Paint Service Ever..”

We’ve lived in our house for nearly fifteen years. After our kids went to college my husband and I needed a change to get over our empty nest syndrome. We felt like strangers in our own home, and we knew that something needed to change. When I decided to give the kitchen a facelift I thought the project would give me something to do, but I soon realized there was far more to it than I had originally imagined. I quickly understood I needed the help of professionals. When I spoke with a team member from Lighthouse Painting and Remodeling, I was amazed at how much difference it made discussing my remodeling plans with an expert in the field. So much so, in fact, that I was delighted to turn the job over to them. Now, my husband and I enjoy a cheery, sun-lit kitchen that is perfectly suited to our tastes, while still being able to cook dinners for our children when they trudge home from school on the weekends. I feel like we’ve made our house our home again.
-Mary D.

“Nice Deck!”

I have always loved hot tubs, but it always seemed ridiculous without a nice deck to put it on. I have a lovely back yard with shade trees and a garden, but I built my house years ago without the idea I would ever indulge in such luxuries. I called Lighthouse Remodeling to see what they could slap on for me. I’m not much of a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to carpentry work, and even if I was, I really don’t have the time. I was pleasantly surprised by their estimate and agreed they should build the addition. Their work was solid and efficient. I had no complaints whatsoever. Now I can enjoy a relaxing tub in the beauty of the outdoors after a long day at the office.
-Clive G.

“I own several rental properties..”

I own several rental properties throughout the Metroplex and I am continually looking for ways to keep my properties in premium condition in order to satisfy the needs of my renters, professionals who expect a cut above in terms of their housing. With the turnover and traffic many of my units receive, it is imperative that I regularly update interiors. Lighthouse Painting and Remodeling has been my regular “go to” man in these cases because they understand the quality I need and the timeliness it needs to be delivered in. If I cannot provide my renters with top-rate housing, I’m losing money, but with Lighthouse that has never been a concern. My units are always attractive and have received a generous helping of tender loving care prior to my tenants’ entry. I couldn’t ask more of a painting and remodeling service.
-Simon J.

“My fixer-upper”

When my husband and I bought our house we knew we were getting into a big project. We just didn’t realize how big. We both had romantic ideas of how great it would be to work together on a “fixer-upper,” but we quickly realized we had gotten in over our heads. I was beginning to freak out that we would end of spending so much of our savings on renovation that we might lose the house. Thank heavens I called Lighthouse Remodeling. Their people came out and toured the house, giving us helpful ideas of how we might be able to do what we wanted easily and affordability. We didn’t wait another second. The job was theirs! Now my husband and I have an amazing new place with lovely tile and new walls, and we have a tremendous weight off of our shoulders.
-Ellie P.